China Dogs Need Your Help!

Chinese animal activist, BoHe, has a shelter based in Mudanjiang, China where she has a dedicated team of volunteers who help shelter over 2,000 dogs on the property. BoHe works to free dogs from local slaughterhouses and dog meat markets in this north eastern province of China and while education and activism for animal welfare is the key long term goal, her efforts in the meantime help save many souls from horrendous conditions.

Working with her Australian charity partner, Fight Dog Meat, BoHe aims to find loving fur-ever homes for as many of these dogs as possible where they can be loved family members, living the lives they were meant to.

We’re aiming to raise money for BoHe’s ongoing costs in rescuing and sheltering these dogs. Food, bedding and vet costs quickly escalate so if you’d like to donate and help with these costs, please click HERE.

We also have dogs ready to fly out of China and Vietnam to their fur-ever homes in the UK and US. You can become a fairy dogparent through our virtual adoption program and help with the costs of getting these dogs to their new homes. You will be sent updates on their journey right through until they arrive with their new family. Click HERE to see our current gallery of dogs awaiting your help!

To read more about Fight Dog Meat and rescuer, BoHe, please click HERE.




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